Collab. with European Art Guide

I collaborated with European Art Guide.

It is an exclusive art book where selected artists from the European countries are represented. The guide is sent out to at least 200 art galleries, art museums and art collectors in the European countries annually during the last months of the year. European Art Guide acts as a link between artists and the public space. The talent scouts are constantly on the hunt for promising artists, who can benefit from being seen by people who can take them further in their art careers, out to art collectors with exquisite taste and to get the chance to have the media's attention.


The founder of European Art Guide and Nordic Art Guide is Gina Cinnamoni, artist, author, organizer of Skånes Fria Konstrunda and former gallery owner in Helsingborg.

The EAG will be published soon! (May/June)

Come back on this page to see some pictures about this great book! | IG @europeanartguide