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Gro Heining

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Gro Heining is a self-taught Norwegian painter (b. 1949).  Since 1982 she has had 45 exhibitions in Norway, USA, Spain and Italy. Oslo Painting School (1985), Olav Mosebekk Drawing and Painting School (1996) and painting workshops in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA (1991)

From 1987 Gro lived several years in the picturesque landscape of Santa Fe, New Mexico - participating in experimental painting workshops and 10 exhibits. Since 2014, she has been sharing her time between a mountain village in Andalusia, Spain and her home in Norway.  She works with various techniques: acrylic, collage, water based oil, oil pastel, water color and mixed media, both on paper and canvas. Editioned Giclée prints are available of her artwork.


Artist Statement

Drawing and painting have always been a way of expressing myself. Nature is her primary source of inspiration. Painting for Gro is a meditative state of being, where she connect to the elements and the rhythm of nature, weaving dreams and visions into her artwork. Gro's idea of the intention of doing art is to be able to communicate that all things are connected with one another and to the universe.  The interconnectedness of all things in nature represents a deep unity within herself.  She also considers her work as a teacher bringing the language of colors to the viewer and hope for the future.  She likes to think of her paintings as gifts from the spiritual realm revealed after journey to the land of introspection.  Welcome to traces of Gro's vision.



Lights Space Time Online Art Gallery (5 participations)

American Writers Review, A literary journal:  Art in the time of Covid-19.   «Helmet»

M.A.D.S. Art Gallery:  DressMe, Mater «Reconditis Oedipus»


M.A.D.S. Art Gallery: GAIA, PARAISO.

Art Universal - the great encyclopedia of international art.

Collector’s Vision International Art Award.

International Prize Dante Alighieri.

1st Art Palermo International Biennial.

Power of Creativity Art Prize.

Art Olympic Prize.


International Prize Leonardo da Vinci.

International Prize CARAVAGGIO.

International Art Award Voices of Tomorrow.

Book projects coming up:

Anthology V, 2022, Guto Ajayu Culture.

Power of Creativity Art Book, Contemporary Art Curator.

Here are some of her artworks!

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