Lily Dimcheva

Lily Dimcheva

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Lily Dimcheva is a contemporary artist based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Her artistic career spans the years of transition to democracy of her mother country, marked by the endeavors of many artists to break the stereotypes built for decades and embrace the modern art, up to the present. Lily’s continuous search for inspiration and desire to paint intuitively have been enriched by her previous travels around the world.

Dimcheva is a self-taught artist who channels cosmic energy into her paintings. She first began painting aquarelles and later put hands on acrylic and oil. Lily closes her eyes and lets her fingertips wander freely across the canvas. Shapes and colors appear from Lily’s ability to visualize figures and faces, from her imagination and sensitivity to humanity. Once she meets her work with open eyes, she is fascinated by the depth of the creation and the unique eccentric figures born from the convergence of matter and spirit. Her ability to outline and read the shapes sparks the interest of the viewers. Everyone who possesses a painting of hers keeps discovering its secrets throughout the years.

In her work Lily emphasizes on conveying the universal message of love and eternal good. Her signature is the small to medium size artwork. Particularly, she is passionate about miniatures exhibited in oversized frames. Miniatures, she believes, have immense power, and hold perpetual energy.

“I hope that my desire to demonstrate the vital power of love in its magnitude shines through my creations, and I see them as the messengers who spread the ultimate love”, says Lily.

Years after she embarked on the artistic journey of her life, Dimcheva still experiments with new techniques, and discovers the allure of new styles. Recently, a spontaneous urge made her grasp a pencil and draw graphics visualizing images. These portraits later color painted gave a completely new impetus to her style and she is very excited to dive into the technique. Especially so when she paints with a 70-year-old ink from Vietnam well preserved through the years. What a truly authentic experience is for Lily to draw the lines with the still shiny dye carried across the ocean last century.

Lily’s artworks have been presented in several international digital exhibitions. The rapidly advanced technologies vitalize the paintings, allows the public to get acquainted with their structure and augments the details worth exploring. The organic unity of the elements found in the paintings of Lily are brilliant for digital show. Every byte sheds its own light on the whole image; it’s an immersive art experience, not just viewing.

“Art is an indivisible part of me and the two of us have created a symbiosis for a life-time in any dimension of time and space”, Dimcheva wraps it up.

Here are some of her artworks!

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