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Stéphane Vereecken

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Photography is the basis of the Stéphane Vereecken’s work.


His artistic studies made him discover several traditional and virtual techniques. His first photos were Polaroids, with paint and collages on them. Stéphane has experimented with painting and photographic collages and painting on wood. He started very young to exhibit in galleries with artists like Araki, Dolores Marat, Paul Mc Carthy in Brussels at the Damasquine Art Gallery in Brussels. Since then, he has exhibited in Europe (Greece, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain… ) and in the United States in New York. Since Stéphane started to create, he has been naturally driven by surrealism and conceptualism. The line between the two is sometimes thin. The surrealist has no defined limits and can experience anything because everything comes out of his dreams.


In his work, the void fills the distance with the flux and tribulations of the moment. It is about filling an empty space with objects and after emptying it, decluttering it. By leading viewers to the crossroads of fact and rumor, reality and fantasy, science and imagination. The void, its role is essential in the way in which the Chinese thought and conceptualized the Universe. White attains its true fullness by cutting it out of the human form. The supporting characters tell an unfinished story.


The drawings, fragmented and incomplete, represent an ongoing process, a potential future and an unfinished story to tell, with its drawings on the bodies.

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