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Vaida Kacergiene

Vaida Kacergiene Instagram
Vaida Kacergiene Instagram
Vaida Kacergiene Instagram

Vaida Kacergiene was born in 1967, in Lithuania. From childhood romantic, melancholic, naive, believing in the most beautiful things in life - has remained so to this day, expressing her vision and feelings of the world through the visual arts.


She is a self-taught artist, who started painting and drawing in adolescence. More than three years ago renewed the creative activity. For drawing and painting using various techniques and styles. Until now have created more than 100 various paintings, drawings and sketches, each very individual, reflecting own feelings and vision, mostly related to a person inner world, relations, nature, humans place in it.

Vaida shall be introduced as a creator of naive art as well as landscape, cityscape, nature painter. Her creativity can be characterized by her unsystematic, unpredictable, unrestrained imagination, in which there is no effort and no claim to follow, to correspond to professional art, but to come from an internal impulse and based on intuitive technical-plastic solutions.

The author of the unique painting has already received attention in various galleries. The specific naivety, intimacy, openness in such works of art confuses and requires a very attentive look.

"Talk to the heart, let the soul be the driver, let the dreams be the friends showing most beautiful and important details on the way."  (Vaida Kacergiene)

"BEYOND THE SOUL" ~ Solo Exhibition

Catalogue of the exhibition

Here is her entire portfolio!

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