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Zlatan Woszerow

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Zlatan Woszerow is a digital abstract artist. He developed his own technique, in isolation from the applicable rules and principles, combining the real and digital world.

Zlatan creates abstract paintings printed on canvas. Although he is in fact a "digital creator", he approaches digital techniques with reserve, does not want them to overwhelm him and treats them as a tool - a "digital brush". His works have common roots, they grow out of a handful of his acrylic paintings and graphics that have been digitized and then processed using various digital tools.

Their artistic form is constantly evolving, reflecting the development of his personal artistic sensitivity, sense of beauty, understanding of aesthetics and technical skills. He finds inspiration in the very process of creating; the result always surprises him.

Realizing his artistic vision, the artist creates images that reflect his passionate aesthetic search for worlds and beings different from those that surround him - he creates and constantly develop his world of colorful visual abstract fairy tales.

Zlatan's works have been presented at art fairs and exhibitions all over the world: in New York, Canton, Parma, Moscow, Milan, Genoa, Luxembourg. He works with galleries in Italy, Spain, Colombia, the USA, and Poland, where he lives.

Video of the exhibition

Photos of the exhibition

Here are some of his artworks!

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His entire Art Portfolio is available on www.zlatanwoszerow.art